Zone Face Lift

A new holistic facial treatment being hailed by many as a credible alternative to Botox

A unique fusion of Facial Reflexology, pressure-point massage, sacred healing herbs, crystal facial tools and so much more.


Zone Face Lift has been developed by award winning creator Ziggie Bergman who created this ground breaking, well-ageing treatment after many years of practicing Reflexology and studying with a Native American Shaman and healers in New Mexico. The Zone Face Lift is pioneering a new way to naturally age well. Take off 10 years in 12 weeks and lift your mind, body and soul with this wonderful treatment.

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What are the beauty experts saying about Zone Face Lift?
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“A contender for London’s best facial”

Sarah Vine, Leading beauty journalist


“An all-natural alternative to botox with additional internal benefits to boot”

Hip & Healthy Magazine


Benefits of Zone Face Lift
  • Naturally stimulates the body’s collagen and elastin structure

  • Tighten, plumps and sculpts the face, jaw and neck line

  • Smooths and lifts the face by reducing lines and wrinkles

  • Helps reduce pigmentation

  • Reduced dark circles and puffiness under the eyes

  • Can improve acne and clear sebaceous glands

  • Helps release emotions held in the face (e.g. frown lines)

  • Increased lymphatic drainage to help reduce waste products in the body

  • Calming and uplifting, with evidence to support regular treatments lifting moods, reducing stress and anxiety

  • Many clients experience positive transformations in both their looks and internal health

What To Expect In A 90 Minute Treatment

A 90 minute treatment to spiritually balance and cleanse you. The treatment will provide much needed relaxation to heal the face naturally:

  • Indian head massage and a cleanse, exfoliate and mask using high end natural, organic, plant based products. 

  • 10 minutes of foot reflexology to balance the nervous system and bring about the ultimate state of balance.

  • Smudging of sage and palo santo to remove negativity, invite positivity and bring about a mental cleanse. 

  • Facial reflexology to further balance all systems.

  • Lifting facial massage and Gua Sha to de-stess Facial muscles and lift and tone naturally. 

  • Facial cupping to release stagnant blood flow and improve the skin. 

  • Ends with a cleanse and hydrating facial serum for a natural dewy glow from inside out. 



Specialist facial tools and healing crystals are used to smooth and scrape the skin to release stagnation and muscle tension in the face. Rhythmic strokes with these tools helps to iron out fine lines, tightens the skin and speeds up the elimination of congestion such as eye bags.


Through the use of these carefully selected facial tools and facial massage, the Zone Face Lift treatment decongests the skin and improves blood flow. This has great aesthetic and health benefits.


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