“As a first time patient I was a little bit apprehensive but I soon relaxed in Reena’s company. Her skilful hands made the experience into a deeply calming and pleasant occasion.  I could have happily spent another half an hour with her.  After she finished I felt much calmer and happier about myself”

David Pilkington, age 43

"As soon as I walked in, she transformed the room into a “spa-like zone” with incredible aromatic smells and soothing, soft music in the background. Reena is a natural therapist. She has a very calming and warm natured air about her that will instantly make you feel comfortable and welcoming.


Before she started, she asked me if there is anything major going on in my life right now that might be affecting my health or stress levels. Not very long, she put me instantly at ease as she put my eye mask on and asked me about the choices of balms that I prefer to use. 


I was transported to a peaceful place from when she started wiping both feet and worked her magical hands on me. Time went by so quick and I was dozing in and out half-asleep when the session finished. She gave me a flyer about reflexology and advised what to do for the rest of day e.g. to drink plenty of fluids, take it easy with a strenuous exercise and to get a good rest. She also mentioned specific parts of my body that needs special attention that she picked up from her treatment.


I was so chilled out for the rest of the day that it made me long for my bed!  I have just found my new indulgence in Reena and she is a must-try!"

Alexa Davies, age 33

“Reena was fantastic! She did a thorough assessment of all my needs and focused on points where I needed attention. Reena was gentle and it relaxed me instantly. I would have no hesitation in recommending Reena, she was professional and knowledgeable in reflexology. I will definitely continue using her as she was able to provide relief to my problem areas and I was able to fall into a deep sleep after the treatment which left me feeling refreshed and energised for the next day”

Trisha Gajjar, age 34

“What an amazing treatment I had with Reena  which soothed not only my feet but also my Soul, I did not want the treatment to stop EVER!!! Reflexology is a wonderful treatment and I would highly recommend Reena for her professional and caring service, I will definitely be seeing Reena again soon.
Thank you Reena ”

Danielle Collister, age 32

We invited Reena to render her reflexology service as part of our Health and Wellbeing Programme here at MicroStrategy Ltd. From the moment her visit was confirmed and newsletter sent out to all employees, all 8 allocated slots were booked up within minutes, it was from this point onwards, I knew her visit was going to be a success, as our employees were genuinely excited to receive treatment whilst at work. Reena arrived and the room was set up seamlessly...she had quickly turned our boardroom into a spa with soothing and relaxing music and within minutes the reflexology sessions began. The feedback from our employees was very positive, the common theme amongst them was ‘Reena has magical hands and we felt very relaxed with her’. Due to the success of reflexology sessions here at MicroStrategy we are now considering inviting Reena back on a quarterly basis to carry out her reflexology sessions. Thank you for your service and professionalism Reena, we very much look to inviting you back to MicroStrategy.

 HR Manager, EMEA

MicroStrategy Ltd